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Apr 16, 2016: 3pm - 3:30 pm
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Radia Show 576: Lala Raščić: Evil Earth’s Notebook (Radio Student) Posted on 2016/04/11 by student mountain square Evil Earth’s Notebook is the spoken word segment of the project Evil Earth, realized by visual artist Lala Rascic during her residency in Ljubljana at the Cultural Center Tobacna and her collaboration with Radio Student. In Evil Earth’s Notebook one hears Rascic read quotes, notes, loose associations, and custom-software generated text in the hypnotic-poetic verbal performance exploring the notions of landscape, mountains, new optics, vertical imaging and remote perspective. Evil Earth is a project dealing with the representation of landscape under contemporary conditions of visuality. As Marjorie Hope Nicholson outlines in Mountain Gloom, Mountain Glory, the shift in mountain attitudes in writings of the English poets of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries came about due to advances in science and technology, Evil Earth explores the cognitive shift happening today. The basic question asked is how does our perception and understanding of nature, earth and our environment change under the influence of contemporary consumer modes of visualization and screen technologies? https://lalarascic.com/ The following sources and authors have been cited, paraphrased, or referenced in EvilEarth’s Notebook. In alphabetical order: Belting, Hans; Berardi, Franco; Brand, Stewart;Byron, Lord George Gordon; Emmelhainz, Irmgard; Ettlinger, Or; Evelyn, James; Giblin, Tessa; Galison, Peter; Haraway, Donna; Internet; NASA; Nicholson, Marjorie Hope; Old Testament; Pliny the Elder; Plotinus; Schama, Simon; Schwägerl, Christian; Steyerl, Hito; Turner, Alex; Valiaho, Pasi; Wikipedia Sound recorded at Radio Šudent, Ljubljana Sound editing by Makis Anadiadis Lala Rascic, 2015 The author would like to acknowledge the following persons for their contributions to the Evil Earth genesis. In alphabetical order: Anđelković, Bojan; Bašić, Ajdin; Đorojević, Lenka; Fšk; Gregorč, Alenka; Kukovec, Dunja; Plahuta, Marko; Rica, Lina; Trebušak, Alenka

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the reasons for forming a network are many, but Radia has become a concrete manifestation of the desire to use radio as an art form. The approaches differ, as do the local contexts; from commissioned radio art works to struggles for frequencies to copyright concerns, all the radios share the goal of an audio space where something different can happen. That different is also a form in the making – radio sounds different in each city, on each frequency. Taking radio as an art form, claiming that space for creative production in the mediascape and cracking apart the notion of radio is what Radia does.

It is producing radio stuff that is hard to describe. Some of it can be labeled radio art, or experimental radio, or creative radio. Sometimes it talks, sometimes it doesn’t. It can be noisy, or a kind of soundscape, or a documentary, a document, a talk, a performance. Each and every week, one of the partners will provide the network program, commissioned and produced especially for this purpose : being broadcast by all the partners and made available online.

Some things have to be said about all those partners. They are radio stations, of the independent, non-commercial, community, cultural species. They all speak different languages, and this should create interesting problems. Although initially they were all European radio stations this has changed over time and Radia has become not only larger but also more diverse: 17 partners in nine countries and growing all the time.

Radia Stations

* CFRC 101.9 FM (Kingston, CA)
* CKUT (Montréal, CA)
* free103point9 WGXC 90.7-FM (New York, USA)
* Kanal 103 (Skopje, MK)
* Orange 94.0 (Vienna, AT)
* Radio Campus (Brussels, BE)
* Radio Corax (Halle, DE)
* Radio Grenouille (Marseille, FR)
* Radio Helsinki (Graz, AT)
* Radio One 91 FM (Dunedin, NZ)
* Radio Panik (Brussels, BE)
* Radio Papesse (Siena, IT)
* radio x (Frankfurt/Main, DE)
* Rádio Zero (Lisboa, PT)
* RadioWORM (Rotterdam, NL)
* Reboot.fm (Berlin, DE)
* Resonance104.4fm (London, UK)
* Soundart Radio (Dartington, UK)
* TEA FM (Zaragoza, ES)
* XL Air (Brussels, BE)


* Kunstradio (Vienna, AT) More information at http://radia.fm