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Here To Go: #9 Wrath of Jupiter

Mar 24, 2020: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Xian Hawkins.

HTG #9 Wrath of Jupiter Tracklist:
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - march of the driblots
Tyler, The Creator - exactly what you run from
Mike Cooper - kokomo nalu
Phil Young - science & industry
The United States Of America - love song for dead che
Dadamah - replicant emotions
Raviv Gazit - room 308
Dj Spooky - demonseed
Tom Dissevelt - syncopation
Colleen - john levers the ratchet
Brian Eno - over fire island
Ghedalia Tezartes - trois
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - zopf
Popol Vuh - im reich der schatten
Sam Wilkes - today
His Name Is Alive - chords
Mamman Sani - zaybanakoy Roedelius - mr livingston I suppose
Dominique Guiot - le deux poissons
Pierre Schaeffer - cinc etudes
Kate NV - sayonara
The Duritti Column - otis
Robert Wyatt - raining in my heart
David Shea - red jade
Aria Rostami, Daniel Blumquist - the floating table

A monthly dispatch of music and sound wrapped around a theme. Each episode a loose sonic narrative that hangs together with its own logic. From the straight ahead to the narrow, follow where it leads.