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Here To Go: #2 Love

Jul 23, 2019: 2pm - 3pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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Standing Wave Radio

wavefarm.org/listen and 1620-AM at Wave Farm

Hosted by Xian Hawkins.

A monthly dispatch of music & sound wrapped around a theme. Each episode a loose sonic narrative that hangs together with it’s own logic. From the straight ahead to the narrow, follow where it leads.

This month's playlist:
psychic tv - white nights
eartheater - inclined
melody sumner - ruby’s story
captain beefheart - her eyes are a blue million miles
anais nin - ragtime
gareth williams & marie currie - raindrops from heaven
low - always trying to work it out
sun city girls - lemur’s urine
sakamoto & noto - ionoscan
the duritti column - love no more
nicholas jaar - etre
can - give me no roses
susumu yokota - love bird
nico - it was a pleasure then
JAB - a little breeze
captain beefheart - black snake moan
antony & the johnsons - hope there’s someone (live)
nuno canavarro - untitled
roberto musci - ghost train
tomaga - giant bit map
huerco s - the sacred dance
velvet underground - i love you (session outtake)
felicia atkinson - lila
along - expand the heart
melody sumner - perfume
nicholas jaar - survival
walker brothers - death of romance
g.s. stray - grayfield envoy
yves tumor - limerence
joni void - safe house
elodie - vieux silence
neil young - birds (live)
johnny nash & suzanne kraft - beluga’s song