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WGXC Morning Show: Roger Hannigan Gilson, Allie Wist

Aug 24, 2023: 9am - 10am
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Hosted by Tom Roe in Acra, with contributions from many WGXC programmers.

Times Union reporter Roger Hannigan Gilson makes his first appearance on WGXC. Gilson, who covers the Hudson Valley for the Times Union, is making regular Thursday morning appearances on WGXC to update listeners on the stories he is covering. This week he is discussing federal help for local farmers, and the sale of a local media outlet. Also, the word asphalt (asphaltos, ἄσφαλτος) comes from the greek sphállō— “to fall, cast down." Allie Wist installed “Metabolizing Time” at EMPAC which acted as an open-ended communal feast, where guests are invited to consume edible clay and geologically-inspired foods. WOOC's Sina Basila Hickey spoke with Allie Wist about creating this, her first large-scale exhibition, and the themes within it.

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