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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: The Sky Above. The Mud Below

Apr 21, 2021: 4am - 5am
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

The trial of Derek Chauvin ends in conviction. The era of controlled flight on another planet begins with NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. ( Told through Narration, Music and Soundbites.) Sunbeams of Shimmering Light Wadada Leo Smith, Douglas R. Ewart and Mike Reed Sunbeams of Shimmering Light. Astral Spirit Rec 2021 07:41 Keep Your Mind Free Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble Now. International Anthem Rec 2021 05:54 In The Quiet Night ( Goodnight, Lord) August, Yours Truly In The Eyes of God. self released, August, Yours Truly 2021 05:27 St. Bliss Lighght Holy Endings. Doom Trip Rec 2021 03:21 All Along The Watchtower Jimi Hendrix ( Bob Dylan cover) Electric Ladyland. Reprise Rec 1968 04:01 Portrait James McAlister ScissorTail. 37dO3d Rec 2021 05:42 Another World Joe Jackson Night And Day. A&M Rec 1982 04:00 Mars Pink Shift Saccharine. self released Pink Shift 2021 03:45 I Cried Space Dust (Composition 12) Matthew E. White and Lonnie Holley Broken Mirror ..A Selfie Reflection. Jagjaguwar Rec 2021 03:53 Flying The Beatles The Magical Mystery Tour. Capitol Rec 1967 02:17 Distant Star Justina Jeruseviciute Silhouettes. Piano And Coffee Rec 2021 04:18 Balloon Crumb single. self released Crumb 2021 03:01 Shiny Floatie Voyage Out. Exploding In Sound Rec 2021 02:52 Meditation V Sufjan Stevens Convocations. Asthmatic Kitty Rec 2021 02:10 Red Sugars Survey Channel Silent Graphs. Music Is The Devil Rec 2021 03:36 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including Chauvin trial and verdicts for the killing of George Floyd...excerpts Prosecution and Defense closing arguments... Prosecution rebuttal... Jury finds Chauvin guilty on all 3 counts... Rep Maxine Waters draws GOP criticism..including Mitch McConnell on Sen floor.. for comments ahead of Floyd case verdicts...amid attempts by some GOP House members to form "America First Caucus" deemed so racist even former House Speaker Boehner..among others..denounce the idea. NASA flies a helicopter on Mars.. Ingenuity... the first controlled flight ever on another planet...excerpts NASA.gov/JPL.gov with nat snd. Mars wind recorded by Perseverance rover... Mimi Aung...Ingenuity Proj. Mgr...engineer Taryn Bailey...Steve Jurczyk, NASA...Mike Watkins JPL engr...Bob Balaram engr..Havard Grup..chief Ingenuity Pilot.. Q and A's on the future of flying machines on Mars and other planets...from C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.