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Trance-Formational Listening: Chandraveena S. Balachander

Jan 20, 2022: 11am - 12pm
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Music from around the world is featured. Bringing the audience into the realm of other cultures through music, hopefully expanding empathy for the “other,” and recognizing that “other” in ourselves. From WGDR, Goddard College Plainfield, VT. wgdr.org/.

Today we feature the music of S.Balachander on the Chandraveena, an instrument he developed based on the South Indian/Carnatic Saraswati veena. S.Balachander is a South Indian musician who studied the North Indian/Hindustani Dhrupad music which is traditionally sung and also played on the North Indian Rudra Vina. The Chandraveena was developed in order to play Dhrupad in the South Indian manner and S.Balachander offers a very new approach to both musical disciplines. He is not to be confused with Dr. S.Balachander the Veena virtuoso from the late 20th Century though they share the same name.

Label: Sadharani Music Works
Album: "Raga Brindavani Sarang"
1) Raga Brindavani Sarang-Pallavi in Chautala
Album: Raga Bhimpalasi
2) Bhimpalasi-Pallavi (Kunjana Mein Rancho Rasa)
3) Bhimpalsi Pakhawaj Solo (Chautala)