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Afrosonic Taxi: Baba Salah, Atongo Zimba, Gulili Mankoo

Sep 27, 2021: 10am - 11am
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Hosted by DJK from KPSQ-LP in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Host DJK drives listeners through the world of African-influenced music – from night clubs in Dakar to festivals in Bahia, from recording studios in Havana to family compounds on the streets of Lagos. The show follows the African diaspora to South America, the Caribbean and southern Europe, but never strays far from the beat of the mother continent. From KPSQ-LP, Fayetteville, AR.

This week in the Afrosonic Taxi, we'll stay on the mother continent to visit artists who honor their ancestors with their music. While their songs are thoroughly modern, these artists are building on musical traditions that are centuries old.
1. Alatoumi by Mamar Kassey (Niger)
2. Caaqil by Sahra Halgan Trio (Somaliland)
3. Bakoye Terey by Baba Salah (Mali)
4. Antina by Mounira Mitchala (Chad)
5. Pondjo, Pondjo by Jupiter Bokondji & Okwess International (Congo)
6. Imakou - Don't Cry by Miss Maawa (Cote D'Ivoire)
7. Didadi by Nahawa Doumbia (Mali)
8. Bangbalabo by Atongo Zimba (Ghana)
9. Somo Mogodro by Sisca (Madagascar)
10. Mutu Esalaka by Staff Benda Bilili (Congo)
11. La Tierra Derrama Lagrimas by Aziza Brahim & Gulili Mankoo (Sahrawi)