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Tabs Out: Id M Theft Able, Mamman Sani, Satin Spar

Aug 02, 2021: 10pm - 11:59 pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

Produced by Mike Haley, David Doyen, Joe B.

This month:
Flanger Magazine - Forgotten Fields (Unifactor)
Coral Club - Nowhere Island (Not Not Fun)
Id M Theft Able ‎– Folk Or Stereo Separation In Thrift Stores (Mang-Disc)
Satin Spar - Grey Fox Dreamwalk (Shadowtrash Tape Group)
Multiform Palace - s/t (Specious)
XUXWXUX - s/t (Already Dead)
Mamman Sani - Taaritt (Sahel Sounds)
Kim's Spirit - Blossom Everywhere (Vague Intl)
Friemd - s/t (Vague Audio Tapes)
Military Industrial Complex - Victory Garden (Crippled Sound)

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