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Live from Basilica Hudson: 24-Hour Drone: Experiments in Sound and Music

Apr 23, 2016: 3pm - Apr 24, 2016: 11am
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Basilica Hudson

110 S. Front St. | Hudson, NY 12534 | 518-822-1050

Co-presented by Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who?
In collaboration with Second Ward and Wave Farm / WGXC-FM

The second 24-Hour Drone at Basilica Hudson takes place the weekend of April 23-24, 2016. An immersive and all-encompassing experience, the 2016 installment will feature expanded programming from artists experimenting within the multimedia spectrum of drone.

Wave Farm is pleased to present "Radio Drone." Presented interstitially, between live performances, commissioned works by Matthew Biederman, Anastasia Clarke, Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Max Goldfarb, Victoria Keddie, and Lee Weaver will draw both from literal sounds made by surveillance drones, as well as first-person recounting of drone use in warfare. Alon Koppel's video work, installed in Basilica's main hall, is a site-specific durational work, documenting the passage of time.

Wave Farm is also pleased to stream the entire 24-Hour Drone event on Wave Farm Radio wavefarm.org/listen, as well as broadcast Saturday 3 p.m. through Sunday 11 a.m. on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM.

Additional details as well as ticket information are available at http://basilicahudson.org/24-hour-drone-experiments-sound-music-2/.

Radio Drone Video and Sound works:

"The Drone who Mistook his Queen for a Drone," Matthew Biederman / Marko Peljhan
Sources: C-ASTRAL BRAMOR UAV onboard camera at 3000m, Arcturus UAV JUMP VTOL, Richard Devine at Buckeye Creek Farm

Matthew Biederman and Marko Peljhan have been working together on various processes and projects since 2002. Since then they have been scanning and transmitting through the aether, creating performances, installations, and actions. Together they founded the Arctic Perspective Initiative, devoted to working with and learning from colleagues across the Arctic merging traditional knowledge and new technologies such as UAVs, sensor networks, and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit. They are currently at work on a new performance following the SPEKTR!, SCATTER! and Signal Sever! series. www.mbiederman.com - www.ladomir.net - www.arcticperspective.org

"transearth navigator," Anastasia Clarke
Drone navigation sounds were loaded into the iPad application Samplr, transposed, and performed granularly using the tablet's multi-touch surface.

Anastasia Clarke is a Queens, NY based musician and sound artist. Primarily using samplers, signal processors, and live sound sources, she creates listening experiences intended to both invigorate and soothe. She performs solo as Silent Isle, in the electronic duo Middle Grey, and in a range of other collaborative and cross-disciplinary situations. In April 2016, a duo recording with Sandy Gordon will be released on the Generations Unlimited cassette label. anastasiaclarke.info

"Zanana," Gonçalo F Cardoso
The word “drone” was coined to describe the sound made by the male bee. Over time, this definition was expanded to include any sort of low continuous hum. Military drones fly at high altitudes and are more easily heard than seen. The sound of drones in areas of conflict create soundscapes of terror that can go on for many hours. The buzzing of the engines have generated nicknames like zanana in Palestine, and bangana in Pakistan. This loop contains both military and domestic drones as well as human and animal hums.

Gonçalo F Cardoso (aka Gonzo, Papillon) is a Portuguese, London based DJ and sound artist. He started the Discrepant label as platform to release and diffuse his work and those of like minded artists. Discrepant's aim is to deconstruct, distort and re-assemble the lore of (un)popular music. Discrepant: inconsistent; conflicting; at variance [from Latin discrepāns, from discrepāre to differ in sound, from dis-1 + crepāre to be noisy]

"Dispatch, Dispatch," Max Goldfarb
"Dispatch, Dispatch" is a sectional radioscape; the staging of an overheard tactical communications relay expressed within an array of shortwave artifacts, unmanned vehicle sound samples and vocal transmission mimicry.

Maximilian Goldfarb is an interdisciplinary artist, producing site-derived works in various media. His projects often deploy emergency procedures to activate situations integrated with everyday circumstance.

"Desert Drone 12," Victoria Keddie
Short piece involves Serge Synthesizer. Signal involved in a series fluctuating pattern sequences with constant tonalities. Modulation of signal and signal sequences in matching frequency/ tonality. This "dialogue" first sounded in my head during a walk the Sonoran Desert, March 2016.

Victoria Keddie is an artist working in sound, video, and transmission. Her focus involves analog signal generation and manipulation, the performing body, and relationships of space. For five years, she has been Co-Director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic TV studio that hybridizes technologies to realize synthetic environments and deconstruct the televisual for live performance. In Winter 2016, Keddie launched a mobile transmission based residency operated within and involving an ENG news van. Site specific field work involves concentrated energy fields, fluctuating electronic activity, geographical discontinuity, and time sensitivity. She has performed and exhibited internationally at venues and festivals such as, The Kitchen, Museum of Moving Image, Queens Museum of Art, and Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Lightcone, (Paris), Studio XX (Montreal), LOOP Festival (Barcelona), Pallas Projects (Dublin), Reykjavik Arts Festival (Reykjavik), General Public (Berlin), Axis Art Centre (Crew) and The 14th Independent Film Festival (Naples). With her project, E.S.P. TV, she has been artist-in-residence at Storefront for Art and Architecture and the Museum of Arts and Design. Video works are distributed through Lightcone, (Paris). Sound works to be released in 2016 with Spectral Evidence, (Cambridge, MA).

"Drone Latitudes," Alon Koppel
Drone Latitudes explores various locations in the Hudson Valley through the lens of a drone camera. Concentrating on landscapes and mundane subject matter, the work reveals the beauty in being able to observe our surroundings from the vantage point - and independence - of birds.

Alon Koppel is a photographer and a designer, currently residing in the Hudson Valley, New York.

"The Death of Vespula Vulgaris," Lee Weaver
Dirge for a common insect.

Lee Weaver is painter, poet, sound sculptor, middling explorer and one-time member of a band called Gerry Miles.