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Saturday Night Séance: In Memory of Johnny B. Goode

Dec 06, 2014: 10pm - 11pm
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Produced by Various.

Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM is pleased to present a special broadcast of In Memory of Johnny B. Goode: A Radio Play by The Ghosts of Nothing. The work consists of 13 brief installments, aired together here (52:00) as a Saturday Night Seance program. In Memory of Johnny B. Goode: A Radio Play is a bizarre and allegorical repurposing of Johnny B. Goode anachronistically re-cast as Pierrot as an alter-ego of an archetypically alienated drug-debauched artist. Across the 13 episodes, listeners follow Johnny/Pierrot into the darkest corners of excess, addiction and, eventually, suicide. This is a lost, mashed-up world of rock music, art and poetry, with swirls of psychedelic sonic atmosphere, interwoven with fragments of loosely connected narrative. The central connecting thread consists of radical English adaptations of thirteen rondels thirteen rondels in French from Pierrot Lunaire by Albert Giraud (and freely altered translations by Ilmar Taimre). incorporates