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Vital Weekly: Richard Chartier, Joni Void, Hessel Veldman

Nov 23, 2020: 2pm - 3pm
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Assembled by Vital Weekly email magazine.

Excerpts from the best new experimental music in the world. Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest CD reviews, and news on concerts and festivals. To subscribe go here: http://www.vitalweekly.net/intro.html

Vital started in 1987 as magazine on paper. It's simple xeroxed form ensured a free copyright and everybody was encouraged to make copies and distribute them freely. Up until 1995 44 issues were made and with the arrival of the Internet, Vital changed into a pure review newsletter and since then it appears weekly. Still as a free service and still without copyright. In the future we hope to get the old paper issues online too. Vital Weekly also makes a audio podcast each week excerpting the works being reviewed.

Tracklist for Vital Weekly 1259:
000 Tune
0014 Storm Bugs - Blackheath Experience
0322 Martijn Comes & Hessel Veldman - The Life Long Underestimated Power Of Tunnels (M1)
0633 Joni Void & N Nao - Geometrie Sacree
0942 Elinch - Diaries 03
1254 Keith Berry - Transmitter Towers
1603 Due Matte - La Luna Di Pierpaolo
1903 Richard Chartier - Continue 4
2211 Dirar Kalash - Thresholds A
2521 Meier, David & Simon Hanes & Elio Amberg - Hammered
2830 Bruckmann/Djill/Heule/Nshi-Smith
3140 Double Tracer - Irony Tourists
3343 Cahn Ingold Prelog - Desperately Seeking Dishwasher Tablets
3656 Kyle Bruckmann - An Extruded Introversion For Blixa Bargeld
4006 Alessandro Ragazzo - Paesaggio 2
4317 DC - Augmenting
4626 Sensor - This Room, This Battlefield
4936 Spruit - 7
5208 Knurl - Gjadra Dance
5519 Tune