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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Thanks (A Lot!)

Nov 25, 2021: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

Trial & Errors & Juries. From Joe McCarthy to Kevin McCarthy. Infrastructure for the holidays. Tribes & Thanksgiving In the time of Climate Change. Rising Gas Prices & Dipping into US Strategic Oil Reserve. (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites).
Musical Works Title Artist Album Label Year Length String Drift Field Kit Field Kit. NonoStar Rec 2021 04:17 Spirit Cleo Sol Mother. Forever Living Originals Rec 2021 03:47 Bottle Episode Mandy, Indiana ...EP. Firetalk Rec 2021 04:12 You Need A Better Mind Beauty Pill Instant Night EP. Northern Spy Rec 2021 03:11 Never Enough Good Morning Barnyard. Polyvinyl Rec 2021 02:11 70 Seconds Before Sunrise Parannoul/AsianGlow/Sonhos Tomam Conta Downfall of The Neon Youth. Longinus Rec 2021 01:10 In The Garden Laands single. Run for Cover Rec 2021 03:42 American Spirits Cassandra Jenkins (An Overview On) An Overview on Phenomenal Nature. Ba Da Bing Rec 2021 04:44 The Repeater Crazy Doberman Everyone Is Rolling Down A Hill. Astral Spirit Rec 2021 04:12 Northern Motion Damp Carpet The Eccentronic Research Council Presents Wayward Freaks From a Synthetic Street Vol 1. Desolate Spools Rec 2021 01:59 TV Shows Catamaran Wasteland. Very Jazzed Rec 2021 02:04 Subjugation Man Fear Gwaltona Euforia. Wodowater Rec 2021 05:58 I Won't Remember> Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner 'Cmon 'Cmon OST. A 24 Music Rec 2021 02:41 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home. Columbia Rec 1965 06:31 Tongues Tanya Tagaq Tongues. Six Shooter Rec 2021 03:25 Whatever Else I Know Ezekiel Honig and Trevor de Nogla Falling Close To Memory. self released Ezekiel Honig and Trevor de Nogla 2021 03:01 Write A List of Things To Look Forward To Courtney Barnett Things Take Time,Take Time. Mom+Pop Rec 2021 04:00 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including..opening montage...verdict on Rittenhouse...jury hears final arguments in the case against the 3 accused of killing Arbery... Q and A NBC's Garret Haake asks House GOP Ldr Kevin McCarthy why the party caucus only disciplines members who go against Trump...never disciplines members who attack dems...excerpt from P.M. Question Time in UK parliament vs. excerpt from Kevin McCarthy's 8 hour "filibuster" to delay House vote on Biden's BBB "human infrastructure bill"... nat snd Pelosi announces BBB passes tally..sending the bill to the Senate...and what's in it.. Sen Gillibrand on working with Manchin to keep paid family leave in the Senate version of the bill (Face)...Q and A Biden says he would sign the bill even if family leave isn't included... Montage Sen Kennedy of Lousiana tries "communist smear" on Biden nominee for Comptroller of The Currency... Prof Saule Omarova..Comm chair Sherrod Brown and member Elizabeth Warren call out Kennedy on the attack and make sure the record includes why the GOP really objects to Omarova ( hint she's not a fan of big and unregulated financial institutions)... excerpt Mark Meadows suggests Trump...not Kevin McCarthy...should be house speaker if GOP wins back The House in the midterms. .. Montage/Mix/Mashup...State and local election officials and polling place workers describe death threats they've received to house hearing...excerpts Ariz Sec of State Katie Hobbs, Phila Elections Commiss Al Schmidt..Ky Sec of State Michael Adams..Wade Henderson...leadershp conf on civil and human rights, pres and CEO,Matthew Masterson, frmr DHS Cybersecurity....Tribal rep testimony to Congress on impact of climate change on tribal lands... Rep Castor comm chair, Fawn Sharp, Melvin Baker, Casey Thornbrugh, Pilar Thomas ...Q and A Fawn Sharp..Biden dips into Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to hold down soaring gas prices...from C Span, media and political outlets...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.