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Clubhouse Radio: Black Hair

Nov 15, 2019: 6pm - 7pm
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Produced by members of the Catskill Clubhouse.

We're in The Word Shop: Black Hair. We'll have original music and poetry from the youth and Clubhouse staff as well as music, poetry, and spoken word that inspires us and talks about Natural Hair, the hair that people of color have. Last week we listened to a lot of music celebrating Black hair as well as what it means to experience cultural appropriation and microagressions as Black youth. Our container: Radiolab, an open, experimental, youth-led programming and recording space.

Show includes local WGXC news at beginning, and midway through.

Get yr weekly dose of music appreciation, wordsmithing, and community journalism filtered through the minds and voices of the Youth Clubhouses of Columbia-Greene, broadcasting out of the Catskill Clubhouse, live on Fridays as part of All Together Now! and rebroadcast Saturday at 4 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.