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Saturday Night Special: Minoy, As much As Possible

Mar 12, 2016: 8pm - 11:59 pm
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Produced by Various.

Stanley Keith Bowsza (1951-2010), aka "Minoy" was a prolific sound/noise composer and mail artist who produced numerous works on cassette during a brief period from 1986 - 1992, often using minimal equipment including short wave radio to achieve complex ambient soundscapes. For this special feature program, Al Margolis and Sam Sebren will present an overview of Minoy's work, both solo pieces and also collaborative compositions he made with artists who worked with him through the mail. The collaborations were mixed by either Minoy or his collaborator, creating a chance for different results depending on who did the mixing. Al Margolis (If, Bwana; Pogus Productions) released several of Minoy's works on his Sound of Pig cassette label and also collaborated with Minoy as Bwannoy. Sebren (NIRRH, EIRR) works with Margolis in Council of Poetic Experimentation, CO(P)E, an experimental performance collective founded by Steve Roe.