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Defenestrated: As I Opened the Window

Jul 10, 2024: 8pm - 10pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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Defenestrated: 5 Cent Camel Ride

Defenestrated: 5 Cent Camel Ride. Owen Phillips: "Ned's Radio" (Jul 10, 2024)

Hosted by Owen Phillips.

Live from WGXC's Catskill studio, tune in for forgotten sounds from a crazed past as Hudson resident Owen Phillips tries to make sense of mixed up stacks of vinyl records. This episode includes new music from Italian jazz legend Enrico Rava, a Japanese happy birthday to Arlo Guthrie, the world FM radio debut of San Francisco artist Joshua Ellingson's audio work, and favorites from Kenneth Patchen, Jah Woosh, and Ann Magnuson.


Riding Melody / Jah Woosh
James Baldwin / Joshua Ellingson
5¢ Camel Ride / The Egyptian Lover
Apollo / Sonny & Linda Sharrock
Metro Police / Vladimir Cosma
Rita Moreno & Animal / Joshua Ellingson
Riot in Brain Cell No. 9 / Mats Gustaffson & Albert Oehlen
Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around) / Bobby Womack 
Grover & Mr. Johnson / Joshua Ellingson
Comme à la radio / Brigitte Fontaine & Art Ensemble of Chicago 
R.A.S. / Jac Berrocal
Really, is That a Fact? / Ida Applebroog
Ça va, ça vient / Pierre Barouh
Livorio Casasighli / Enrico Rava’s Fearless Five
John Ashberry Takes a Walk /  SQÜRL & Charlotte Gainsbourg
Oh! The Summer People/ Mixel Pixel
Stuck in the South /Adia Victoria
Incident on South Street / The Lounge Lizards
Too Tuff to Die / Martina Topley Bird
Rated X / Miles Davis
As I Opened the Window / Kenneth Patchen
Abzurdity / Chronophage
A Modern Lesson / Aksak Maboul
Coming into Los Angeles / Hajime Tachibana & Buffalo Daughter
Kalendar / Attwenger
Pomegranate / Charif Megarbane 
Au Commencement  / Omertà
Les Mosques des Colors / Pascal Comelade & Pau Riba
Buried Bones / Tindersticks & Ann Magnuson

  • Vitis Labrusca / Ben LaMar Gay
  • Riding Melody / Jah Woosh
  • 5¢ Camel Ride / The Egyptian Lover
  • Apollo / Sonny & Linda Sharrock
  • Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around) / Bobby Womack
  • Comme à la radio / Brigitte Fontaine
  • R.A.S. / Jac Berrocal
  • Indoor Sounds: Orchestra at Dinnertime in Restaurant / Unspecified
  • Ça va, ça vient / Pierre Barouh
  • Lavori casalinghi feat. Evita Polidoro,Matteo Paggi,Francesco Ponticelli,Francesco Diodati / Enrico Rava
  • John Ashbery Takes a Walk / SQÜRL
  • Oh! The Summer People / Mixel Pixel
  • Stuck In The South / Adia Victoria
  • Incident On South Street / The Lounge Lizards
  • Too Tuff To Die / Martina Topley Bird
  • Rated X (Album Version) / Miles Davis
  • As I Opened the Window / Kenneth Patchen
  • Abzurdity / Chronophage
  • A Modern Lesson / Aksak Maboul
  • Enc1_Coming into Los Angels / 立花ハジメ
  • Kalender / Attwenger
  • Pomegranate / Charif Megarbane
  • Au Commencement / Omertà
  • Les Mosques de Colors / Pascal Comelade
  • Buried Bones / Tindersticks