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Crawl Out from the Fallout: Seawind of Battery, BASIC, Causa Sui

Jul 11, 2024: 12pm - 2pm
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Crawl Out from the Fallout: 20240711

Crawl Out from the Fallout: 20240711. Andy French (Jul 11, 2024)

Hosted by Andy French.

This month's show is packed with new music, including new singles from Seawind of Battery, Beachwood Sparks, Color Green, One Eleven Heavy, BASIC, Causa Sui, and Elkhorn. 

Seawind of Battery - "New Moon" 
“New Moon” finds Seawind’s swirl atop a steady beat, something that was primarily absent from Clockwatching. The single hits the listener like Achim Reichel reworking the Hired Hand Soundtrack. There’s a much bigger nod towards the German Progressives this time around, bringing Horn out of the shade and shadow and into a crisp new dawn. 

BASIC - "New Auspicious" 
The first official release from BASIC. The band brings together Chris Forsyth (Solar Motel Band), Mikel Patrick Avery (Natural Information Society) and Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Desertion Trio). The band thrives on repetition, grinding riffs into the ether with a furious glee. Nick’s baritone adds dimension to the twin guitar attack as the songs sand the edges of the soul for a few minutes. The first single brings that energy to tape, harnessing the storm from the stage and knocking it from the reels to speakers with targeted precision.

Causa Sui - "Dusk Dwellers" 
Causa Sui don’t waver from their usual heady crush, diving into things with an eight minute exorcism of psychedelic talismans and pushing though to a side-long crusher that brings down the full weight of their scorch on the listener. The band’s playing is limber and loose, drawing on the jazz impulses that have rippled through the group. At it’s heart, though, From The Source, is a return to the band’s heaviest moments. 

  • Chismiten / Mdou Moctar
  • Mexican Radio / Wall Of Voodoo
  • Here Comes The Sun feat. The Inner Light (Transition) / The Beatles
  • Echoes of Silalaeng / Yaan
  • Twisted Voice / Space Motion
  • Flight / SUSS
  • Compression / Romolo Grano
  • Country Side / Jeffrey Silverstein
  • Cold Water Blue / Trummors
  • Gentle Samurai / Beachwood Sparks
  • The First P.o.W. / One Eleven Heavy
  • God In A $ / Color Green
  • City Life / The Medium
  • When The Money Comes In / Psychic Temple
  • You Do / Orb
  • New Auspicious / BASIC
  • Feed The Birds / Sml
  • Aspiring to the Sky / Rich Ruth
  • Julien / Emergency Group
  • Dusk Dwellers / Causa Sui
  • Our Air / Nathan Bowles Trio
  • By All the Light / West of Roan
  • To Your Own Devices / Kate Bollinger
  • JJ / Wand