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Syntheclectico: Chris Christodoulou, Stephen Philips, Le Motel

Feb 02, 2022: 10am - 11am
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Produced by Lang Baker

"Syntheclectico" is a program of electronic and experimental music, cutting across the boundaries of nations, cultures and genres. https://syntheclectico.weebly.com/playlists

Chris Christodoulou - Nocturnal Emission
Chris Christodoulou - The Dehydration of Risk of Rain 2
Chris Christodoulou - Parjanya
Dandy Jack and the Twin Pigs - Twin Pigs (Long version) feat. Khansa Batma
Yes'in - We come in peace feat. Saad El Bouaamri
Le Motel - Epanda
Le Motel - Lullaby 2
Le Motel - Shangô
Stephen Philips - Fugue 24: Cognitive Dissonance
Stephen Philips - Fugue 25: Dissociative Amnesia