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Radio Stew: Damian Catera and Patricia Kositzky Strategies Against Communication: Dusk

Aug 17, 2015: 12:02 am - 1am
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Produced by Various.

Wave Farm residents Damian Catera and Patricia Kositzky present Strategies Against Communication: NIGHT, a four episode interactive radio performance series, incorporating original composition, theatre and spoken word. The project is the latest in a twenty-year body of work utilizing chance and semiotics based compositional approaches for working with the written and spoken word. For this incarnation, the theatrical poem NIGHT, written by Patricia Kositzky with GE Schwartz will serve as source material for the experimental text processing. This four-part broadcast series includes algorithmic soundscapes, live vocals, and an interactive component where participants can call in via telephone and internet streaming.

The four broadcasts take place on: Monday August 17, 2015 at midnight; Wednesday August 19, 2015 at midnight; Friday August 21, 2015 at midnight; and Saturday August 22, 2015 at 11 a.m.

Conceived and Directed by Patricia Kositzky and Damian Catera.
Written Text by Patricia Kositzky and Gerald Schwartz.
Text Assemblage by Patricia Kositzky.
Produced by Damian Catera.
Sound Composition by Damian Catera.
Text Composition by Damian Catera.


Cecilia Biagini
John Baird
Damian Catera
Donna Coney Island
Kris Ertl
Christine Goodman
Jack Halpin
Patricia Kositzky
Ardele Lister
Lionel Mootoo
Efrem Oshinsky
Roland Ramos
Chloe Rousseau
Gerald Schwartz



"Night Gossamer Whatnots".....Patricia Kositzky
"The Hour Between Swallows and Bats"......Gerald Schwartz
"Dying into Dusk".....Patricia Kositzky
"Nights Follow Each Other"......Gerald Schwartz
"Small Girl 1".....Patricia Kositzky
"Small Girl 2".....Patricia Kositzky
"Night Thoughts".....Patricia Kositzky
"Prayer 1".....Patricia Kositzky