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Mecca Normal, 75 Dollar Bill

Sep 28, 2014: 3pm - Sep 29, 2014: 2am
John Doe Book's and Records

434 Warren St. | Hudson, NY 12405

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Live performances will be recorded for broadcast at midnight on WGXC and Wave Farm Radio. From Wikipedia: "Mecca Normal is a two-piece indie rock band from Vancouver, Canada, formed by Jean Smith and David Lester in 1984. Smith writes lyrics and sings in a style that is often confrontational and laced with feminist themes; Lester's melodic yet dissonant guitar swirls and loops around her vocals. Merging the personal with the political in their songs and art-related activism, they helped define the sound and spirit of the early diy/indie rock/riot grrrl movement alongside bands such as Beat Happening and Bikini Kill."

Listen live at http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/johndoe.mp3.m3u