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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: 7 Days in May

May 06, 2021: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

Trump Republicans making moves. Congress negotiates police reform. A cat is coming to The White House. (Told through Narration,Music and Soundbites).
Pamphlets Squid Bright Green Field. Warp Rec 2021 08:02 Strange Conversations Automatic ( Sudan Archives remix) Signal Remixes. Stones Throw Rec 2021 02:42 Family, Friends Flanafi With Ape School The Knees Start To Go. Boiled Rec 2021 03:05 The Tyranny of Either/Or Evan Greer Spotify Is Surveillance. Get Better Rec 2021 02:46 Pour A Brain Mui Zyu single. Father/Daughter Rec 2021 03:28 Residual Pulse Charmaine Lee KNVF. self released Charmaine Lee 2021 05:22 Anthems for Unsuccessful Winners: Winning is Overrated Francis Mareino The Process of Significance. self released Francis Mareino 2021 06:02 Things To Like and Not Like in America Nick Hakim and Roy Nathanson Small Things. NYXO rec 2021 04:18 Blow Up Bardo: Basho Alinea. Budget Cuts Rec 2021 03:18 Eyes of the Wind Azu Tiwaline Draw Me A Silence. IOT Rec 2021 06:26 Midnight Bloom Antinode Midnight Improvisations/Melodies Pentatoniques. self released Antinode 2021 02:44 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Psapp Rewind Vol 5. Ubiquity Rec 2006 03:45 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (excerpt) Phil Harris, Scatman Crowthers, Thurl Ravenscroft and Liz English The Aristocats OST. Disney Rec 2006 01:00 Your Power Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever. Interscope Rec 2021 04:23 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including.. opening montage/mix/mashup...Florida's new election law..with excerpts/fragments from local news coverage..WESH, WFTV, News 13...Fla Gov DeSantis..Sen Baxley ( sponsor of the voter suppression law)..Shevron Jones, Kelli Stargell, Dustin Chase, Lawrence McClure, Alan Hayes... nat snd.. Sen Mitt Romney is booed by audience at state GOP meeting... GOP members deflect when asked about the attacks on Romney and House GOP Caucus chair, Liz Cheney.. Q and A's Sen Roger Marshall R KS ( CNN )... Q and A's Sen Barrasso R Wyo ( Martha Raddatz ABC This Week)... Sen Susan Collins actually defends Romney... Liz Cheney sticks to her guns on Trump's Big Lie...House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy backs away from Liz Cheney....so does the other House GOP leader...whip Steve Scalise ( Axios)... The raid on Giuliani react from House Intel Chair Adam Schiff ( MSNBC)...Q and A Biden says he had no advance word on Giuliani search warrant ( Craig Melvin MSNBC)... The police reform "George Floyd" bill negotiations... montage...Congressional hallway press gaggle Q and A with conferees Sen. Tim Scott, Sen Lindsey Graham, Sen Cory Booker, Rep Karen Bass... House Speaker Pelosi on getting the bill passed by May 25... Sen Tim Scott elaborates on his negotiations on police reform bill with dems ( Face)... Attny Genl Merrick Garland on police reform during his testimony to Congress on DOJ budget.... Confirmed: The Bidens are getting a White House cat. ( MSNBC)...from C Span, media and political outlets...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.