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Itinerant Mind: Qing Gui Dérive

Jul 16, 2016: 2pm - 3pm
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Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

This month’s Itinerant Mind with Morrad+McArthur is titled 'Qing Gui Dérive’ and features a diverse, detailed mix of tracks from our new album “A Cycle of Slight Movement” (available on CD and digital download via Bandcamp), newer material, field recordings, improv, ambience and urban noise. Ian McArthur (one half of the duo) has relocated for the rest of 2016 to the sprawling mega-city of Chongqing in South West China - a move we anticipate will significantly influence our oeuvre. 'Qing Gui Dérive' extensively uses found sounds gathered while drifting through the urban landscape via foot and the light rail system known locally as the "Qing Gui."

Annie Morrad is based in the UK and Ian McArthur lives in Sydney, Australia. Every month Itinerant Mind presents a mix of live telematic improvisations between the UK and Australia alongside material we have developed through the email and skype conversations that direct our collaborative sound art practice.