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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Trials and Tribulations

Apr 08, 2021: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music. Go Big Or Go Manchin. Allegations About Gaetz and Under-age Daetz. Cokes Vs. Votes. Breaking the "blue wall" at the Chauvin trial. Capitol Attack. Again. (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites.)

More Big Birds Dry Cleaning New Long Leg. 4AD Rec 2021 04:07 Crossed Out Seasons of Memory (excerpt) Nonconnah Songs For And About Ghosts. Ernest Jennings Rec. Co. 2021 02:12 The Melting of The Sun St. Vincent Daddy's Home. Loma Vista Rec 2021 04:17 Open Module Silicone Prairie My Life on the Silicone Prairie. Feel It Rec 2021 02:06 Long Term Memory Loss Jen Kutler Sonfied Physiological Indicators of Empathy. Cacophonous Revival Rec 2021 04:44 Donna Said Pardoner Come Down Different. Bar None Rec 2021 02:48 The Ramble Cassandra Jenkins An Overview of Phenomenal Nature. Ba Da Bing Rec 2021 07:06 Oyl On The Phone Saxo + AI By Clicking You Agree. self released Saxo + AI 2021 03:12 ( Tech No Human) Memories, Thoughts And Imaginations Exist Where? Schmu The Universe Inside My Body. Orange Milk Rec 2021 02:31 Figure Eight Body Negative Fragments. Track Number Rec 2020 02:42 I Was Only A Child Australian Art Orchestra Sometimes Home Can Grow Stranger Than Space. AAO Rec 2020 04:02 One Note Blues Ben Varian One Hundred Breakfasts With The Book. Lobby Art Rec 2021 02:19 Breathe My Name Peter Cotton Tale ft. Jamilla Woods Explorations in Analog Synthesis EP ( Var Artists). Moog Music Inc Rec 2021 02:55 Indictor Endlings Human Form. Whited Sepulchre Rec 2021 03:14 Movement 2 Floating Points ft. Pharoah Sanders and London Symphony Orchestra Promises. Luaka Bop Rec 2021 02:31 Slow Wave James McAlister ScissorTail. 37dO3d Rec 2021 05:14 Losing Something Lost Girls ( Jenny Hval and Havard Volden) Menneskelekollektivit. Smalltown Supersound Rec 2021 04:11 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites...including.. opening montage...Q and A's Sen. Mitch McConnell vs. Pres Biden on Infrastructure plan.... archival snd of Ronald Reagan saying Government is the problem, not the solution...Montage Mix Mashup....inframix...excerpts Energy Secy Granholm...Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves..more Granholm.. Sen Roy Blunt ( Fox News Sunday)...Transp. Secy Pete Buttigieg ( MTP)... Dr. Cecilia Rouse, chair Pres Council of Eco Advisors..AOC (MSNBC) Sen Budget Chr, Bernie Sanders ( CNN SOTU)... Closing Gaetz... Q and A's on status of Gates with House Republican Leader, Kevin McCarthy...and House Speaker Pelosi... excerpt Fox News Q and A with McCarthy about Gaetz... Play Ball...but not in Atlanta: Delta CEO Ed Bastian on joining corporations protesting Ga Voting law for suppressing black vote. Biden supports MLB moving All Star game out of Atlanta(ESPN)...Gov Kemp denounces MLB et al.. Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms react to MLB and Ga voting law... The Chauvin trial breaks "the blue wall". Police witnesses testify for the prosecution...with excerpts Chauvin supervisor, Sgt. David Ploeger....the most senior officer on the Minneapolis PD, Lt. Richard Zimmerman...and the city's chief of police... Medarian Arradondo.. Another Capitol attack...excerpts Acting Cap Hill police chief Pittman press conf.... Gen Russell Honore on recommendations to improve Cap Hill security...despite GOP efforts to play down the threat....from CSpan, media and political websites..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.