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Live from The Avalon Lounge: Steve Hauschildt, M Geddes

Sep 29, 2022: 8pm - 10pm
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From a live webstream at The Avalon Lounge.

Live broadcast from The Avalon Lounge in Catskill with Steve Hauschildt and M Geddes until 10 p.m., with a live webcast continuing until 11 p.m. at wgxc.org. Ghostly Int. artist Steve Hauschildt has composed panoramas of synthesized sound for over a decade. First within his former band, Emeralds, a touchstone of 2000s home-recorded psychedelic noise music, and later across a steady and critically-acclaimed stream of solo releases spanning ambient techno, arpeggiated electronica and post-kosmische styles. https://stevehauschildt.bandcamp.com

Gengras has defined his practice with the art of synthesis. Starting with a string of short-run cassettes detailing the interior curvature of his well-worn vintage budget level Moogs and moving into the more diverse sonics of modular synthesis the focus has remained, sculpting new sounds from raw voltage & creating engrossing sonic environments. In addition to two prolific solo careers (counting his dance-music alter-ego Personable), Gengras is an avid collaborator and has recorded and performed with The Congos, Akron/Family, Sun Araw & members of the Grateful Dead & Cold Sun. https://mgeddesgengras1.bandcamp.com.

More information about this show at https://www.theavalonlounge.com/show-calendar/steve-hauschildt-m-geddes.