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Saturday Night Special: Saturday Night Special: Amplitude Live

May 09, 2015: 8pm - 10pm
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This radio broadcast features performances by artists in the Columbia University School of the Arts Sound Arts MFA program, who exhibited work in Amplitude last month at Pioneer Works. The exhibition Amplitude was curated by Wave Farm. This one-night performance series, Amplitude Live, was organized by Cameron Fraser and took place on April 30, 2015 at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. Included are composition and performance from Nolan Lem, Chatori Shimizu ("Shiki tō Unkai IV" Marimba: Maiko Hosoda, Double Bass: Lea Ivanovic; "umbra" for Solo Violin; "Othello" for shō and electronics), Sondra Perry, Alice Baird and Cameron Fraser ("Pale Male"), Bryan Jacobs, and Frank Spigner (Unitar: Frank Spigner; Cello: Maria Hadge; Synthesizer: Dana Malseptic.) 7. 8:40-9 Frank Spigner - unitar Maria Hadge - cello Dana Malseptic - synthesizer