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Crawl Out from the Fallout: April 2024 Edition - Magic Fig, Psychic Temple, Winged Wheel

Apr 11, 2024: 12pm - 2pm
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Crawl Out from the Fallout: April 2024

Crawl Out from the Fallout: April 2024. Image by Raven Sings the Blues. (Apr 10, 2024)

Hosted by Andy French.

Magic Fig culls in members from quite a few familiar bands around these parts, including members of The Umbrellas, Whitney’s Playland, Almond Joy, and Healing Potpourri. While that round up speaks to jangles and strums that skew towards the indie pop parlance, the band instead digs deeper towards ‘60s prog-folk and the Canterbury connection.

Psychic Temple offer up a Cosmic American wander that’s deserving of its title. Pushing through 7+ minutes of warm desert magic laced with organ and a chorus of background vocals, the song sways in its afternoon amble. There’s a heavy heart, or at least a deep sigh ingrained in the cut, the kind of swan song that’s fitting for the band’s storied career.

Alongside members of Spray Paint, Tyvek, Idle Ray, Matchess, Powers/Rolin Duo Winged Wheel adds in Lonnie Slack (Water Damage) and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) for their upcoming new album, Big Hotel. The first single out of the gate is the propulsive pounce of “Sleeptraining.” The song slips through the whirlpool, a flurry of energy and motion that threatens to consume Johnson’s vocals. This time around the band’s drum-heavy approach pushes them towards Neu! territory, pounding and pulsing as the guitars scratch at the listener.

A monthly round-up of sounds that filter through the blog Raven Sings the Blues, presented here as a two-hour block of psychedelic seep. While constantly trying to draw lines between the fringes of the past and the fringes of the present, the show explores music from all manner of independent labels, threaded together with a sense of exploration and joy in reshaping pop along the z-axis. Guaranteed good times. Broadcast from Hudson.

  • Girl u Want / Devo
  • Bleujen an Howl / Daisy Rickman
  • Astrolabe / The New Eves feat. Nina Winder-Lind feat. Kate Mager feat. Ella Oona Russell feat. Violet Farrer
  • A Dance on a Sunday Night / Magic Tuber Stringband
  • Mother (Ma) / GuruGanesha Singh
  • When I Was Here / Bill MacKay
  • Goodbye Suzy / Magic Fig
  • Little Green / Cara Beth Satalino
  • Long Way Home / Myriam Gendron
  • Moonbow / Mikaela Davis, Circles Around The Sun
  • If I Had Wings / Le Ren
  • Time Passes By / Winter McQuinn
  • Harm's Way / Farser
  • Torn In Two / Beachwood Sparks
  • Nothin' But A Fool / GospelbeacH
  • Look For The Truth / Stewart Forgey
  • Pete Jive / Circles Around the Sun
  • MINE MARU TRAX 35 / minemaru
  • Emergence / The Messthetics, James Brandon Lewis
  • Sleeptraining / Winged Wheel
  • Computer Future, Pt. 1 / Velociraptor
  • Viewers Like You / Uranium Club
  • Behind My Mouth / Aluminum
  • Ocean Drive / The Telescopes
  • Phonebooth in the Desert of the Mind / Motorists
  • Dawn Hush Lullaby / Lightheaded
  • Turn to Love / Parsnip
  • Ishkabibble Magoo / Sunburned Hand Of The Man
  • What's Going On With Ordinary People / The Reds, Pinks and Purples
  • Miss Meyers / Is feat. ought Gap