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Saturday Morning Serial: FM Synthesis, Broadcast, and two works by Pauline Oliveros

Jul 08, 2017: 11am - 11:59 am
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This month we will hear a short work that explores the use of FM synthesis and broadcast strength to modulate the signal, a part of a multi-movement work that looks into the issues facing immigrants in the southwestern United States, and two works by Pauline Oliveros in anticipation of a celebration of her life and music at the upcoming third annual Audio Buffet to take place at Wave Farm on July 22nd.

The Cutty Strange unveils a new and fresh format, starting November 2015. Programs will be made up of pieces by musicians, storytellers, poets, sound artists, and others. These commissioned works aim to bring new light to the broadcast art medium. In its first season, archived here, the show featured full episodes of select San Francisco Bay Area artists who shared their music, methods and stories.