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WGXC Morning Show: Meditations Gaia, Melissa Gelley

Sep 16, 2021: 9am - 10am
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Hosted by Tom Roe in Acra.

At approximately 9:20 a.m. tune in for the final of four installments of Meditations created by Jenise Morgan and Ghan Patel for their project Spacetime Diaries. About Gaia: This meditation will guide you to the distant planet of Ankhara, a fantastical world from the Spacetime Diaries universe. In this final installment, you’ll experience life as a superintelligent fungus known as the Gaia. On Ankhara, the Gaia’s mycelial network permeates every corner of the planet and connects all life. You’ll experience first-hand how the Gaia can perceive all things at once, and how she stewards her planet. Music by David Scott Russell. Written by Jenise Morgan and Ghan Patel. You can explore this universe more at https://spacetimediaries.com.

Also, in the latest Hudson Valley Word of Mouth segment, Julia Joern visits with longtime Hudson Valley resident and experienced motorcycle rider, Melissa Gelley. She shares her knowledge of some of our region's most compelling routes, scenic vistas, back roads, and rural detours to discover on a motorcycle, especially during the leaf-peeping season. Together with her husband, fellow rider, and motorcycle lover, Steve Joern, Gelley has organized a special screening of "On Any Sunday" at TSL, a non-profit community space located in Hudson (Sunday, October 17, 4 p.m.). Originally released in 1971 -- and now re-mastered and digitally enhanced for its 50th anniversary -- this Academy Award-nominated documentary on motorcycle racing features stars of the sport at that time, including film star Steve McQueen, a racer in his own right. It was directed, shot, and narrated by filmmaker Bruce Brown, who invented a number of filming techniques that, while commonplace nowadays, were considered groundbreaking then.

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