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In My Room Radio: Wobbly, Ana Roxanne, Sam Prekop

May 08, 2021: 1pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Mike Edwards.

Mike Edwards is your host. A grizzled old punker with a penchant for exploratory rock of all types. Oh, and the regrettable habit of talking about it length.

Today: Damon Locks/Black Monument Ensemble-Now (Forever Momentary Space)
Azu Tiwaline-Air Element
Matthew E. White/Lonnie Holley-This Here Jungle of Moderness
Lamb Death-Moonlet Fragmentia Reduxcovid
Bela-Pluja Rosa
Wobbly-Every Piano
Sam Prekop-Tell Work
Trevor Dunns Trio Convulsent-She Ossifies
Frank Zappa-Filthy Habits
Gaio Ariani-Land, Pt.5
Ana Roxanne-Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose
Bronze Age UFO-Plugged Nickel on the Dime
C.J. Boyd/John McCauley-Boulevards
Hew Time-Swimming Pool (Hidalgo Blues)
Ex-Easter Island Head-Eight Bridges
ASUNA/Jan Jelinek-How a Spiral Works
Gunn-Trusinski Duo-Pyramid Mechandise
Godspeed! You! Black! Emperor!-Government Came