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Radio Survivor: Don Joyce

Sep 25, 2021: 8am - 9am
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The Radio Survivor weekly show explores the future of community media, with a focus on community radio, college radio, low-power FM and public access TV, along with subscribable audio shows and internet radio. Hosts Paul Riismandel, Eric Klein, and Jennifer Waits highlight the best and most innovative audio programming and keep you updated on the news that affects our ability to make, create, hear and see great community media. http://www.radiosurvivor.com/

Musician, DJ, and radio artist Don Joyce passed away nearly six years ago, leaving behind a voluminous archive of his unparalelled collage radio program “Over the Edge.” The documentary “How Radio Isn’t Done” sheds light on this member of Negativland, his life and his work in recontextualizing the never-ending flow of media messages that flood everyday life. Director Ryan Worsley joins to talk about Joyce, his hyper-focused artistic process and what she learned creating this affectionate and honest portrait of an iconoclastic figure and broadcasting legend.