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Live from the Town of Catskill: Town of Catskill Planning Board Meeting

Nov 26, 2019: 7pm - 8pm

Live broadcast of Town of Catskill Planning Board meeting including presentation from Peckham Industries about their proposal to construct berms made of construction and demolition debris on their Catskill site off Route 9W. Previously, another company wanted to create an ash dump on the former Holcim Cement Plant there. This new proposal would go before the Department of Environmental Conservation and Town of Catskill Planning Board, with a first presentation from Peckham representatives scheduled for the Nov. 26 planning board meeting. Peckham would bring in 600,000 tons of construction and demolition debris for "a series of visual, noise and dust barrier berms across the site to screen the industrial recycled asphalt pavement handling and processing operations from surrounding viewsheds, including the Hudson River," if the project is allowed. “If approved, this project will have a very negative impact on the environment and the Hudson River,” former EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck said. “The last thing we should be doing is allowing hundreds of thousands of tons of construction and demolition waste to be imported to this riverfront site. It is imperative that the public get actively involved in opposing this project. It should never see the light of day.” Local geologist David Walker said, “I will be paying close attention at the planning board meeting next Tuesday night to learn more about details, location, etc.... It really is a poor idea to do a substantial dumping project within spitting distance of a big river under any circumstance. It is also worrisome to hear C&D and a possible beneficial material use designation mentioned in the same context.” Read more about this meeting at HudsonValley360.com.