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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Pre-Midterm Miracles

Aug 11, 2022: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music. The FBI at Mar a Lago. Congress gets to Yes on BBB jr. Alex Jones, please check your messages. GOP and Dems positioning for the midterms. Orban Cowboys at CPAC. Dems sidestep Biden seeking second term..hilarity ensues. GOP Sen. Rick Scott...running the Repub Sen Campaign comm... sidesteps Trumper candidates with heavy baggage...hilarity ensues. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites).

Break on Through ( To The Other Side) (2017 Remaster) The Doors The Doors. Elektra Rec 1967 02:29 Discovered Endstate Alwatys M Geddes Gengras Expressed, I Noticed Silence. Hausu Mt. Rec 2022 05:18 Mr. Chill Friendship Love The Stranger. Merge Rec 2022 03:11 Geiger Counter Gather The Corners Gather The Corners. self released Gather The Corners 2022 02:14 Pajaros en Veranos Ela Minus and DJ Python Corazon. Smugglers Way Rec 2022 03:18 Glad I'm Not Me Mick Trouble Oddities and Sodsities. self released Mick Trouble 2022 02:05 What Do I Do Now Healing Potpourri Paradise. Run for Cover Rec 2022 02:38 Terminal Marci Marci. self released Marci 2022 03:22 Ode To Joy (Beethoven's 9th) (excerpt) Beethoven/ Wendy Carlos A Clockwork Orange OST. Warner Bros Rec 1971 04:00 Bad Behavior Amanda Shires Take It Like A Man. ATO Rec 2022 03:31 Sang e Khene Nauja Wanan Baidar Khedmat be Khaig. Radio Khiyaban 2022 01:35 Good Morning (Red) Caroline Caroline. Rough Trade Rec 2022 05:45 Empty Words Bowery Electric Beat. Kranky Rec 2016 03:45 Ear of The King Hourloupe Sleepwalker. self released Hourloupe 2022 01:13 Safe House Hourloupe Sleepwalker. self released Hourloupe 2022 01:57 I'm Sorry Brenda Lee single. Decca Rec 1960 02:40 Castle In The Sky Jennifer Vanilla Castle In The Sky. Sinderlyn Rec 2022 04:53 Myth of Center Regal Murk Without The Luxury of Perpetual Lamentation EP. self released Regal Murk 2022 02:00 Magic Olivia Newton John Xanadu OST. MCA rec 1980 04:29 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites...including...Pelosi/Raskin/Ro Khanna comments and Q and A's on FBI search of Mar a Lago...( MSNBC/CNN/NBC Today)... Biden agenda victory on CapHill...nat snd..VP Harris casts tiebreaker to bring dem bill on climate/healthcare/taxes to Senate floor... Sen Dem Ldr Schumer on last minute changes made because of Sen Kirsten Sinema... Lindsey Graham on GOP Vote-O-Rama amendment delays..Nat snd...final Senate vote to approve montage....nat snd Alex Jones trial....lawyers for Sandy Hook parents inform Jones that they have 2 years' worth of his cellphone text messages...sent by mistake by Jones' own lawyers...and the contents prove he lied....( Jan 6 committee asks for..and now has...all those texts from Jones' phone...)GOP congressman Peter Meijer..who voted to impeach Trump..complains that dems helped defeat him in this week's primary..by promoting his extreme Trumper rival in the GOP primary ... Sen Klobuchar says this is not a good tactic for dems...it could backfire ( Face/CNN)... Viktor Orban opens/Trump closes...at CPAC ...Dems try to deflect questions about Biden seeking second term...excerpt dem primary debate Maloney/Nadler/Patel.... (Spectrum NY 1) Maloney Q and A on CNN...over saying that she doesn't think Biden will run.... Mitch McConnell not predicting GOP will retake Senate control in midterms...Q and A Margaret Brennan with Sen Rick Scott....running GOP Sen Campaign...on the problems with several of the GOP Trumper candidates..(Face).... Karine Jeane Pierre Q and A...W.H . react to the search warrant at Mar a Lago...from C Span, media and political outlets..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.