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Vital Weekly: Barbara Ellison, Hairetis Harper, Günter Müller

Mar 01, 2021: 2pm - 3pm
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Assembled by Vital Weekly email magazine.

Excerpts from the best new experimental music in the world. Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest CD reviews, and news on concerts and festivals. To subscribe go here: http://www.vitalweekly.net/intro.html

Vital started in 1987 as magazine on paper. It's simple xeroxed form ensured a free copyright and everybody was encouraged to make copies and distribute them freely. Up until 1995 44 issues were made and with the arrival of the Internet, Vital changed into a pure review newsletter and since then it appears weekly. Still as a free service and still without copyright. In the future we hope to get the old paper issues online too. Vital Weekly also makes a audio podcast each week excerpting the works being reviewed.

Tracklist for Vital Weekly 1273:
0000 Tune
0014 Del Stephen - Today Versions
0324 Amoraim - Earthlings
0637 Amoriam - Cape Agulhas
0946 Snowflake Orchestra
1255 Ion - Aegina
1515 Schweben - Major Oak
1826 Cops - Astratempel
2135 Barbara Ellison - Cybersongs #09: Posted By
2435 Bill Thompson - Ocean Into Light
2745 Hairetis Harper - Tsakoniko
3055 Bertrand Gauguet & John Tilbury - Live At Festival Paysages d'ecoute, le Mans
3403 Christof Kurzmann & Burkhard Stangl - Frozen
3715 Del Stephen - trying to make sense (of the world)
4023 Think of a Name - Welland Feb 27 2016
4334 Del Ken Sin - sunnyside (agosto 2018)
4643 Kerkville - Porcelain
4952 MKM- Jason Kahn - Günter Müller - Norbert Möslang - I Told You
5304 Periferiya - TRST
5615 Fire Moss - Orbit
5924 Tak Ensemble - Star Maker Fragments
6233 Warped Dreamer - Lights Out - Darkness [Live]
6543 Ab Baars/Ig Henneman/George Dumitriu/Pau Sola Masafrets
6853 Prefix Suffix
7206 Tune