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State Police warns of 'Impostor Scam'

Nov 04, 2022 12:30 am

The UpStater [dot] com is reporting the New York State Police have received multiple calls on what is being called an "Impostor Scam." The fraud usually involves someone calling and claiming to be from an entity such as law enforcement. The caller will claim to be an officer, possibly even using the real name of a local police officer, and they could use technology that displays the fake name or a number matching the police disguise on a caller ID. The caller will attempt to convince the person they are in violation of the law, have an outstanding warrant, or have a relative involved in an emergency, claiming that money is needed for fines, medical payments or bail. The demand is for a large sum of money and they direct that it be transferred in unusual ways without any face-to-face interaction with the caller. The scammers have been known to try more than once to get money from the same victim. Among the tips to protect against scams: Take a pause. Verify any supposed emergency by calling friends and family before sending money, especially if the caller has warned not to do so. If the caller claims to be a bail bonds person, ask where the relative is being held and contact the facility directly. If the caller claims to be a police officer, get the exact agency name, hang up, and call that department directly. Be suspicious of anyone who calls unexpectedly asking to be sent money. Additional information can be found at FTC.gov. Read the full story at theupstater [dot] com.