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Langworthy takes the GOP reins

Jul 02, 2019 1:45 pm
Nick Niedzwiadek is reporting for Politico New York Nick Langworthy on July 1 took control of the state's struggling Republican Party. “To those who proclaim our party is about to draw its final breath, you are dead wrong,” Langworthy said. “A new generation of leadership is reporting for duty.” Langworthy was officially elected chairman of the state GOP at its convention after outmaneuvering longtime party head Ed Cox earlier this year. He has vowed to run a Republican candidate in each congressional district currently held by a Democrat as part of the party's broader effort to invest in areas traditionally neglected or written off by the GOP. The party had a brutal 2018 after it lost control of the state Senate, lost three congressional seats and was shut out of statewide office in landslide defeats for governor, attorney general and comptroller. Langworthy, 38, previously served as the Erie County Republican chairman. He is the youngest person to hold the chairmanship and has consistently pitched himself as someone who can appeal to a new generation of potential Republican voters while being unabashedly pro-Trump in a county where registered Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans. Read the full story at Politico New York.