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Global warming could bring cooler temperatures locally, but a higher Hudson River

Aug 27, 2021 12:33 pm

Robert and Johanna Titus report in the Columbia Paper that global warming may actually cool the Hudson Valley eventually. Scientists believe that as the planet and the Atlantic Ocean cools, the Gulf Stream will stop, depriving the northeastern United States one of its warming factors. So the local climate may be cooler here in the future if global warming continues. Sea levels will also increase here, and since the Hudson River is a tidal estuary, the means higher water levels locally. "Much of the land just south of City of Hudson would be drowned. The total area of the Hudson’s estuaries would increase in size as sea level rises," Robert and Johanna Titus write. "Researchers at Cornell University and Scenic Hudson estimate that it will expand from about 7,000 acres today to perhaps 11,000 acres by the end of the century." Read more about this story in the Columbia Paper.