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Cairo GOP caucus recount makes Cords the winner

Mar 22, 2021 6:00 am

Andrea Macko is reporting for Porcupine Soup a requested recount of Republican caucus votes has determined that incumbent town board member Mary-Jo Cords did win the GOP nod for reelection. The Cairo Republican Committee held its caucus, March 18, to select candidates for town supervisor, justice, tax collector and two seats on the town board. The caucus chose Jason Watts as its candidate for town supervisor and Mike Flaherty and Marion Coyne for town board. Incumbent town board member Mary-Jo Cords and Debra Birk-Bogins placed third and fourth in the voting, respectively. Coyne bested Cord by just seven votes. However, Cords requested a recount, because “there had been talk of voters voting twice for some town board candidates.” Watts said, “The way the ballots were set up allowed for people to vote for the same person twice. There was a mechanism in place to tell if that occurred by numbering the tickets. That was not checked the night of caucus.” Votes were recounted March 20, current town supervisor John Coyne said, and it was discovered that 17 people actually voted twice for Marion Coyne, his wife. By eliminating 17 votes for Marion Coyne, she actually received a total of 81 votes, not 98. That change was enough to make Cords the second-place vote getter with 91 and give her the nod for reelection. The recount also took away one vote from Flaherty, ultimately giving him 102 votes, not 103. Birk-Bogins' number stayed the same at 59. The caucus chose Joan Vandenburgh, who was unopposed, for justice. Vandenburgh currently serves as court clerk. The incumbent town justice, Leland Miller, is not seeking reelection. Susan Hilgendorff was unopposed for tax collector. Read more about this story at PorcupineSoup [dot] com.