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No one saying who damaged Greenville's truck

Jan 22, 2020 12:47 am
Melanie Lekocevic reports for Capital Region Independent Media in the Greenville Pioneer that someone, or something, inflicted $5,000-$8000 in damage to the Town of Greenville's Highway Superintendent's truck, but town officials don't know how it happened. Terry Williams was Greenville's highway superintendent before Jan. 1, when town officials first noticed the damage to the 2015 Dodge pick-up truck. Williams would not return calls from Lekocevic. He did not tell town officials either what happened to the truck. “It was never reported to me. It was never reported to [the town’s insurance company] Marshall and Sterling. To the best of my knowledge, it was never reported to any of the board members,” Town Supervisor Paul Macko said. He did not say if the town would take any legal action because of the expensive damage, but said the incident is being reported to the town’s insurance company, Marshall and Sterling for investigation. And he said the town should consider some new policy about town vehicles. Read more about this story in the Greenville Pioneer.