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County fairs continue to fly Confederate flag

Aug 13, 2015 12:03 am
Andy Newman in The New York Times counts which county fairs are letting the Confederate flag fly this summer, after the shooting in a church in South Carolina sparked outrage over the stars and bars. At the Ulster County Fair last week, Newman recounts, one vendor who had not sold any t-shirts with the flag and the slogan "Its Heritage Not HATE" the previous year, could not keep them in stock now. “I sold out of them a month ago, in Syracuse,” said Ryan Powers, staffing the Titan Telescoping Flagpoles booth, amid stacks of American flags. “I sold 60 in one day.” He can't keep them in stock, because they aren't being made anymore, the story says. While the New York State Fair and the Otsego County Fair have banned the Confederate flag this year, the Watershed Post previously reported that other fairs -- in Ulster, Delaware, and Greene -- fair officials were either welcoming the flag or indifferent to its appearance at their events. The head of the New York Civil Liberties Union, Donna Lieberman, told The New York Times that a fair’s board could ban the flag despite the First Amendment, unless it was run by or on behalf of the government. Read the full story in The New York Times.