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Radio News: FCC raises fees on for-profit broadcasters

Jun 06, 2022 11:33 pm

Paul McLane reports for Radio World that broadcasters who use public airwaves to make their own money face 13 percent increases in fees in fiscal 2022 from the Federal Communications Commission. For-profit radio stations pay small fees to the FCC to pay for regulating the industry that makes millions of dollars selling advertising on the public's airwaves. A station that can reach six million listeners, for instance, will have to pay less than $24,000 in fees to keep minting millions from the public's airwaves. A small Class A station that reaches fewer than 25,000 listeners has to pay $1,105. “Unfortunately, the commission continues to unlawfully require broadcasters to subsidize the Commission’s broadband activities,” the National Association of Broadcasters said in a statement that stretches credulity. “For these local stations that are still recovering from the pandemic and face unique economic challenges in today’s media landscape, such an unjustified increase is devastating and risks undermining the unique locally-focused service that our communities rely upon. NAB stands ready and willing to work with the commission to ensure a fair and lawful payment regime.” Anyone with an opinion on FCC fees that “may promote or inhibit advances in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, as well the scope of the commission’s relevant legal authority,” can file comments in the FCC’s online system. In the Proceeding field, refer to MD Docket No. 22-223. Comments are due July 5, and replies July 18. Read more about this story at Radio World.

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