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Hudson police release photo of suspected feces thrower

Nov 05, 2018 12:44 am

Hudson Police released a photo Nov. 2 on their Facebook page of a person they believe threw a bag of dog feces at Hudson Mayor Rick Rector at a city meeting Nov. 1. Despite a packed room of city officials and the public, no one knows the identity of whoever took the disgusting, violent action. No one also seems to know what will happen with the city's youth department, either, which may have been the reason behind the protest. “Tempers were high because the level of rumor and many of us didn’t know what is going in terms of the youth department,” Hudson Common Council President Tom DePietro said in HudsonValley360.com. “Then suddenly, I heard something hit the table. I have no idea what happened. There was a bag. I did not examine the contents… I was completely surprised by the whole thing.” The image released by police, and Dan Udell's video recording of the meeting, are both on the WGXC Newsroom page at wgxc.org. The toss came just after Rector announced the removal of Nick Zachos from his position as youth department director, although Rector says he was not fired. DiPietro, at least, disagrees. "It’s hard to believe this meeting, which was postponed by mayor and treasurer, was held at what appeared to be the last minute in order to give the mayor time to fire the head of youth department,” DePietro said. Anyone with any information about the identity of the suspect are encouraged to call Hudson Police Detectives at (518)828-3388. FULL DISCLOSURE: DiPietro is a volunteer WGXC programmer.