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More turmoil from Berne board

Dec 23, 2020 6:11 am
Noah Zweifel reports for The Altamont Enterprise that Berne Town Councilperson Joel Willsey wants the Republican leadership on the Berne town board to resign, saying they deliberately attempted to mislead the public about this year’s town government appointments. Willsey sent an email to Supervisor Sean Lyons and Deputy Supervisor Dennis Palow requesting their resignations. While Willsey, as the only Democrat on the board, likely will not get his way, Councilperson Bonnie Conklin, a Conservative Party member aligned with the Republicans, broke from Lyons and Palow making a motion Dec. 9 to let the public speak at each of the board’s monthly meetings instead of every other meeting. Lyons introduced that policy earlier this year, and Conklin voted with him. Conklin also seconded and voted for a motion from Willsey Dec. 9 to advertise for a new town attorney, while the other three board members voted against. The town board recently illegally circumvented the planning board review of a proposed law. Current Town Attorney Javid Afzali also recently, "sent a blistering letter to the planning board chairman, Michael Vincent, accusing him of distributing a letter critical of the town board to the media, which he hadn’t done," Zweifel reports. While Willsey's email outlined the lies he claims Lyons and Palow have told the public, it is unlikely that either will resign from the combative Berne board. Read more about this story in The Altamont Enterprise.