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Greene officials seeking return of cell surcharges

Apr 10, 2013 6:59 am
W.T. Eckert is reporting in The Daily Mail Greene County officials are calling for state officials to allocate funds collected from wireless fees back to the counties to support 911 and public safety communications. The state now imposes a $1.20 public safety surcharge per month on all cell phones. Although the original intent was for the surcharge to be used for 911 operations and to help first responders communicate and respond to emergencies, a very small portion is now allocated to the county for that purpose. Greene County’s Public Safety Committee Chairman William Lawrence said the funds could be be used for emergency equipment, personnel training and continuing education. The matter will be considered by the full Legislature at its next meeting, April 17. Read the full story in The Daily Mail. NOTE: William Lawrence is a WGXC programmer.