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WGXC Founding Membership campaign

Jan 14, 2010 9:18 pm
WGXC volunteers are working hard to launch a 3,300-watt community radio station. More than 78,000 people throughout Greene and Columbia counties will be able to receive the signal on 90.7-FM. WGXC received its license from the FCC and a grant from the US Commerce Dept that will cover 50 percent of our equipment needs. We now need to raise matching funds in order to get on the air, $71,000 by March 31.

So far, WGXC has raised $14,077, so we still need $56,923. By March 31.

So far, WGXC has raised $3,122 from benefit events; $2,670 for corporate support; $5,135 from Foundation/Organization Support; and $3,150 from Individual Memberships.

WGXC Founding Members

1 watt $25-$49 & major volunteer/equipment donations
Kyle Aguiar (Cairo)
Deirdre Astin (Athens)
Steve Ausbury (Cairo)
Ngonda Badila (Hudson)
Pamela Belfor (Catskill)
Lauren Susan Bell (Greenville)
Thomas L. Buckner (Philmont)
Ryder Cooley (Hudson)
Patrick Doyle (Hudson)
Elizabeth Ennis New York)
Marie Greco (Catskill)
Manny Greco (Catskill)
Dennis Jackson (Wilton, CT)
Daniel Karpowitz (Hudson)
Lisa Kerekes (Hillsdale)
Laura Kunreuther (Hudson)
Rachel Lentsky (Saugerties)
Lauren Levey (Catskill)
Chistine Mary Maggio (Albany)
Christina Malisoff (Hudson)
Lisa Fox Martin (Catskill)
Dick May (Catskill)
Scott McKenney (Hollowville)
Walter Neidel (Cairo)
Dennis "Rooftopper" Peduzzi (Kinderhook)
Mary Pesez-Kames (Cairo)
Nick Shiver Pomeroy (Hudson)
Jeffrey Rovitz (Palenville)
Sam Truitt (Catskill)
Nicole Vidor (Hudson)
Daniel Wall (Ghent)
Chad Weckler (Livingston)
Dylan Weidman (Germantown)
Christopher Wetmore (Hudson)
Bart Woodstrup (Troy)
Debra Kamecke (Catskill)
Nora E. Adelman (Athens)

2-4 watt $50-$124
Jenny K. Baldwin (Hudson)
David Carney (Durham)
Rory Chase (Pine Plains)
Mark Hunter (Iowa City, IA)
Claire Joseph (Iowa City, IA)
John McGowan(Ghent)
Allan Pavese (Durham)
Martin Ping (Ghent)
Janene Ping (Ghent)
Phoebe Prentice (Red Hook)
Pat Ruck (Catskill)
Nancy Shaver (Jefferson)
Nina Sklansky(Catskill)
Melissa Weidman (Falmouth, MA)

5-9 watts $125-$249
Strongtree Organic Coffee

10-20 watts $250-$524

21-40 watts $525-$1,024
Helsinki Hudson

41-100 watts $1,025-$2,524

101-200 watts $2,525-$5000
Samuel J. Holtzman Family Foundation (Ghent)

Please join this list!

Buy some watts and help bring community radio to Greene and Columbia counties.

We need folks to step up now and create a local community station. Become a Founding Member and get WGXC on the air and community radio will be beaming into your radio by the end of the year. We are very close to making a giant difference in the community, airing live town meetings, and giving citizens a voice with their local government officials. We are very close to bringing media training to local youth, who will then report on what is going on in the schools for WGXC. We are very close to airing live performances, festivals, and events on WGXC, and being a central information source for local farmers, artists, history buffs, and fans of interesting music. Together we can get that all and more on WGXC if you become a Founding Member.

3,300 watts at $25/watt = 82,500 &

Founding member levels:
ELECTRODES = 1 watt ($25 - 49)
CAPACITORS = 2-4 watts ($50 - 124)
CIRCUITS = 5-9 watts ($125 - 249)
TRANSISTORS = 10 - 20 watts ($250 - 524)
TOWERS = 21 - 40 watts ($525 - 1,024)
ANTENNAE = 41 - 100 watts ($1,025 - 2,524)
TRANSMISSIONS = 101 - 200 watts ($2,525 - 5,000)


You can become a WGXC Founding Member several ways:

*Stop by Spotty Dog Books & Ale this Saturday, Jan. 16 from 1-5 p.m. and Christina Malisoff and Tom Roe from the WGXC Radio Council will be there to help you become a member, and tell you more about community radio.

*Go to www.WGXC.org and read all about community radio. Make a donation to become a member through Paypal, or buy a t-shirt, or a ticket for a raffle to win a Les Paul Gibson guitar.

See www.wgxc.org for more information about WGXC: Hands-On Radio for Greene and Columbia counties, NY
Wave Farm / WGXC Acra Contact Info
Mailing: PO Box 13 Acra, NY 12405
Main Office / Acra Studio
(518) 622-2598
WGXC Office
(518) 697-7400
WGXC Hudson Studio
(518) 828-0290
WGXC Feedback
(518) 212-7509 feedback@wgxc.org
Wave Farm / WGXC Acra Studio: 5662 Route 23 Acra, NY 12405
WGXC Hudson Studio: 369 Warren St. Hudson, NY 12534