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In Berne politics, a dog catcher is hired

Dec 07, 2021 1:01 pm

Noah Zweifel reports in the Altamont Enterprise that in the Town of Berne these days, all things are political, even the dog catcher. On Dec. 1, the Berne Town Board voted 3-0 to make Berne resident Donna Ferraino the dog-control officer. During the discussion on who to hire before the vote, Councilperson Leo Vane referred to the dog-control position as “political.” Deputy Supervisor Dennis Palow then argued that it’s not a political position. Then Vane said, “Of course it is,” and he asked whether the former dog-control officer didn’t resign over “political issues.” Palow said he was not aware that political factors were involved in Jodi Jansen's decision to resign in April. “I don't know of any political or unofficial reasons for his resignation,” Berne Supervisor Sean Lyons said. “Mr. Jansen and I have known each other our whole lives and I believe him to be trustworthy and honest and I don't believe any politics led him to resign.” Read more about this story in the Altamont Enterprise.