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Audio Feature: October 12 Hudson Planning Board Meeting

Oct 13, 2017 12:30 am
Click here to play or download a recording of the full Hudson Planning Board meeting held Thu., Oct. 12, at Hudson City Hall. Recorded by Jess Puglisi.

Hudson Planning Board
Thu., Oct. 12, 6:30 p.m., City Hall

Call to order

:30 Public hearing opens. Architect Neil Pelone speaks about the former American Legion building, located at 7 Fairview Avenue. The intention is to redevelop the structure to include office space, art gallery space and public event space. 
3:00 Rick Rector 
4:00 Laura Langley, Green Street resident, poses question about access. 
4:50 Hearing closes.
5:00 Regular meeting called to order.
5:50 7 Fairview Ave. site plan approval and questions.
6:10 Planning Board Member Ginna Moore: Who will this facility serve? 
6:30 Pelone: Arts flex-space, food arts, gallery uses.
7:30 Planning Board Member Laura Margolis: Will the owners form an arts organization? 
8:00 Pelone: Maybe a nonprofit. 
9:00 Planning Board Member Clark Wieman to Planning Board counsel Mitch Khosrova: Is this a conditional use?
11:00 Pelone: No application for a liquor license "at this time." 
12:00 Concerns about sound, amplified music. 
13:30 Planning Board Chairman Tom DePietro: The sound levels are "our biggest concern."
18:25 Proposed operating hours for new facility: Friday and Saturday until 1 a.m., 11 p.m. all other nights. Current estimate is 100 events per year. 
19:00 Louis Waterson, Green Street resident, not concerned about noise but has concerns about potential construction damage.
26:00 Rector and DePietro discussion about how conditions will be enforced with 100 events a year. 
35:22 Site plan review to continue at board's November meeting.
36:00 Wieman and Khosrova discussion about the impact of the Colarusso lawsuit on the Planning Board and its role.
42:00 Peter Jung, Warren Street resident and Khosrova question and answer concerning the impact of city lawsuit against Greenport.