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Does Cairo need more police? Little information available

May 04, 2022 1:45 pm

Liz Montgomery reports for Porcupine Soup that the Town of Cairo police their want to increase their staff by 50 percent. Sergeant-in-Charge Rick Busch said at a May 2 town meeting that they need to hire a third full-time police officer. “I’m looking to fix a problem where right now we’ll have quite a few shifts where there’s nobody working,” Busch said. “One of our guys works for state corrections. He’s getting stuck at corrections all the time. They can pretty much tell you that you’re not leaving,” Busch added. “Shifts that he was supposed to work end up not getting covered unless me or the other full-timer covers it on overtime.” The story reports that in April, the Town of Cairo Police Department received 919 calls, 107 of which required incident reports, but did not say whether that was an increase or decrease. The story also does not quote town board members on their views on the issue, but claims they will soon vote on hiring another officer. Read more about this story at Porcupine Soup.