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DiNapoli audit: Cuomo misled on COVID-19 nursing home deaths

Mar 16, 2022 2:02 pm

MidHudson News reports that that the Cuomo administration misled the public regarding COVID-19 nursing home deaths, according to an audit by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office. “The pandemic was devastating and deadly for New Yorkers living in nursing homes. Families have a right to know if their loved one’s COVID-19 death was counted, but many still don’t have answers from the State Health Department,” DiNapoli said. “Our audit findings are extremely troubling. The public was misled at the highest level of state government through distortion and suppression of facts when New Yorkers deserved the truth.” The audit found that the state's health department did not provide the public with accurate COVID-19 death counts and understated the number of nursing home deaths due to COVID-19 by at least 4,100. Attorney General Letitia James did not say specifically what she would do with the audit. “I am grateful to Comptroller DiNapoli for bringing much needed transparency to this critical issue. My office will continue to monitor nursing home conditions and ensure the safety of our most vulnerable residents. If anyone has concerns about nursing home conditions, I urge them to contact my office,” James said. Read more about this story at MidHudson News.