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Hunter rep Larry Gardner will not run for re-election

Mar 08, 2021 2:00 pm

Sarah Trafton is reporting for Columba-Greene Media veteran Greene County lawmaker Larry Gardner has is calling it quits and will not seek re-election to the legislature this fall. The Hunter Democrat joins Cairo Republican William Lawrence saying good-bye to the legislative life after decades of service. Gardner is leaving after nearly 40 years. When asked what he would do with his free time, Gardner laughed. “There really isn’t much free time,” he said. “I’m very busy in my legal practice and I believe all of that time will be consumed by other work.” Republican Charles Martinez, who represents Coxsackie, another senior lawmaker, agreed. “That man is busy,” he said. “He’s a busy, busy person. For Bill, [Lawrence] I hope he has a healthy retirement and hope he enjoys himself. They’re both good people. Even though Larry is a Democrat, it doesn’t matter. You’re doing the people’s work and that’s what it’s about.” Gardner said he plans to “ride into the sunset quietly. ...I simply think it’s time for someone else to hopefully do a very good job for the district and the county.” Gardner said Hunter Town Supervisor Daryl Legg is being eyed as the Democrats' choice, and Charlotte Meigs may be selected by the GOP. Gardner encouraged his successor to stay in touch with the community. “Just keep the finger on the pulse of the district and represent the district to the best of your ability,” he said. Martinez, another veteran of elective office, said he will run for one more term, but hinted it may be his last. “I think this will be it,” he said. “I’m 83 years old. I’ll probably have to go down in a wheelchair if I go any further.” Read the full story at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.