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Greene County candidate forums

Oct 17, 2011 12:03 am
The Greene County League of Women Voters and WGXC are co-sponsoring Candidate Forums this election season in Cairo, Coxsackie, and Catskill. Turn out in person or tune in to 90.7-FM to hear local candidates discuss their views on the issues. Come out to the candidate forums to write down a question for the candidates, or listen at home live, or later to the archived recording at wgxc.org. The forums, administered by the League of Women Voters, will be:
CAIRO Thu. Nov. 3, 8-9:30 p.m. at Cairo Town Hall.
COXSACKIE, Sat., Nov. 5, 10 a.m.-noon at the Heermance Memorial Library.
CATSKILL, Sat., Nov. 5, 1-3 p.m. at the Catskill Community Center.
Candidates should be receiving invitations in the mail or can contact info@wgxc.org. Thanks to the Greene County League of Women Voters. We hope many candidates can participate. Follow the link to read the League of Women Voters regulations for Candidate Forums.

WGXC will also record and attempt to broadcast the Hudson African-American Leadership Alliance (HAALA) Hudson mayoral debate at 6 p.m. Tue. Oct. 25 at the JLE School in Hudson with Republican mayoral candidate William Hallenbeck and Democrat Nick Haddad. WGXC is willing to participate in other candidate forums, and welcomes any candidate participation in said forums.

Basic Political Debate/Meet the Candidates Event Format

Event should be no more than 90 minutes long. Candidates need to arrive 15 minutes before start of event. Substitute speakers are not permitted. No campaign literature or materials will be allowed inside the room.

Lots will be drawn in advance to determine the order of speakers for opening remarks. Moderator will be introduced by the sponsoring organization’s spokesperson. Moderator will introduce panel members and go over the rules. Each candidate will have a 3-minute opening statement.

Audience members will be asked to silence all electronic devices. The audience will be provided with index cards/writing implements with which to write questions.

1. No statements

2. No personal remarks

3. All questions must be legible

4. The moderator will choose questions and paraphrase for clarity/appropriateness.

The candidates will have one minute (or two, depending on number of candidates and time available) to answer. The moderator will call on candidates in succeeding order to answer. The moderator has the right to rule on all questions. No one else will be permitted to see the questions before, during or after the event. [Candidates should be reminded that they may take notes and cover issues/comments they missed during the Q&A as part of their closing statement.]

Depending on time available, questions may be permitted from the floor. Questions will be limited to one minute and will be answered as above. The same rules apply as with written questions. Each candidate may have a 2 or 3-minute closing statement.

The moderator will close the event and invite members of the audience to remain in order to have personal conversations with the candidates (must be agreed upon in advance by candidates).


Candidates are encouraged to bring campaign literature. A table should be set up outside the room for the purpose of distributing the literature. Each candidate will be permitted to display a packet of flyers, position papers, and letters of endorsement or other campaign material. However, each candidate will be allowed only ONE stack of information on the table unless the organizer permits more.
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