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Report warns of insufficient preparation for rising sea levels

Dec 07, 2016 6:45 am

David Giambusso is reporting at Politico New York a new report by the Regional Plan Association concludes that while sea levels are rising at an accelerated rate, most governments are not doing enough to prepare for that eventuality. The report released Tue., Dec. 6, "Under Water: How Sea Level Rise Threatens the Tri-State Region," is a form of introduction to the association's major publication due out in 2017. "The pace at which seas are rising is accelerating. Sea levels could rise around one foot as soon as the 2030s. Three feet could occur as early as the 2080s. Six feet of sea level rise could come early in the next century," the report states. Areas in New Jersey, such as Jersey City and Hoboken, and the communities of the Jersey Shore are among the locations most endangered by the expected water rise. Other critical areas include the Rockaways, Jamaica Bay, Coney Island, and parts of Staten Island and Long Island. In New York City, a six-foot rise in sea level would displace about 200,000 residents. While New York City is taking steps to plan and redesign neighborhoods to prepare for rising sea levels, other local governments are not. The report says in those areas plans are being made to address short-term flooding problems, but ignore how in 50 to 100 years coastlines will be significantly altered, or almost completely changed. The Regional Plan Association argues for a comprehensive plan for the region to address both short and long-term threats. Find a link to the full report on the WGXC Newsroom page. Read the full story at Capitol Confidential.